I am not actually 6 foot 7

i was once at a conference talking to Bill Gurley.  He’s very tall.  Someone who worked for me at the time said to someone else - “look, Mike is talking to Bill Gurley.”  That person thought the tall guy was me, and Bill Gurley was the shorter guy.  

I thought it would be rude to correct this person and might embarrass them, so I chose to say nothing.  Apparently this person has been talking about my height for several years now, and it has slipped into the public record that I am very tall. 

I’d like to apologize to Bill Gurley for any distraction this may have caused him over the years.  I’d also like to apologize for the behavior of the underlings who are responsible for the public’s perception of me.  Unfortunately, I can’t take any personal responsibility for this misconception because it would be terribly embarrassing to do so and might effect my livelihood and self esteem.

In very honest moments, I admit (only to myself) that I liked that people thought I was 6 foot 7.

For those who have no idea what i’m rambling about, it is this:

We need the digital equivalent of chris berman’s “C’MON MAN” segment on ESPN.  I nominate Mike Arrington and Chris Dixon to do the show.

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